It is a horrible reallity ,There for I am more than thankful, I live in Germany, where we have a justice system which is reasonable and solid and fair. I agree with you and believe she didnt get a fair trial. She was tried only for the murder of Damon, as he was under six at the time of his death and that made it a capital murder case. DNA testing was a mature science when this crime occurred. That night, Routier's throat and . Darlie, who had suffered serious injuries herself, including a knife cut on the throat, asked Waddell if any of her jewellery was stolen. And few women appear to literally dance on their childs grave and have aSilly String birthday party at the cemetery, as jurors saw in a video shown by prosecutors during the trial. Walnut Creek, CA. Ultimately, after the prosecution and defense battled it out, Darlie Routier was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Damon on February 4, 1997 and sent to death row. I think she wanted a girl so bad! There were also marital troubles in the months leading up to the incident. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The 33K mistakes the court clerk made should have automatically been a mistrial. They also pointed to the 9-1-1 call Darlie made to police and admitting to touching the murder weapon. Oddly enough, when we visited the home, we realized it was up for sale and was actually listed on Zillow. 650. Here are 5 realities, drawn from internet research, about his life: Reality #1. Death Row USA Winter 2020, by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. I can't find anything on their website announcing this program but one of the posters found it in her tv guide. This unknown assailant also stabbed her two boys sleeping next to her. Darlie Routier, mother sentenced to death for murder gets backing from Innocence Project By L.P Phillips, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD. I'd love to have some Brittish things on too besides the House of Commons (or is it parliament?) Bloodstain scientists Terry Laber and Bart Epstein, who assisted with the defense of David Camm, were hired by Darlie Routiers public defenders. Her mother found work at a Western Sizzlin restaurant where Darin worked as a cook. Her wounds were superficial & she didnt know what/where carotid was. Now, when are they going to execute the woman. Texas Monthly: Maybe Darlie Didnt Do It, by Skip Hollandsworth. They analyzed the bloodstain interpretations of Bevel and came to a different conclusion about these patterns. I think she said it was 9:00 a.m. central time in the US. The home at 5801 Eagle Drive in Rowlett is a member of an exclusive club that no Realtor wants their listing to be a part of. But recognizable features like the bathroom fixtures, green marble floors, green marble fireplace, and even the Routiers burgundy custom draperies, reportedly costing $12,000, still remain. While the jury deliberated, they asked to watch the silly-string video 7 times. Provides access to all the documents from this case including trial transcripts, photos, descriptions of all the people most important to this case, old newspaper clippings etc. Routier was sentenced to death in 1997 Credit: AP:Associated Press. Cameras then captured Routier and company chewing gum, laughing, singing, and spraying silly string over the graves. This was the first time many relatives and friends had seen her and her new *advertiser censored*. Born in Rowlett Texas, an American woman convicted of the murder of her son, Damon Routier, stands on death row awaiting execution by lethal injection . *BONUS* The Real Impacts of True Crime Media w/ Sarah Turney, Soapboxie: Darlier Routier: Wrongfully Convicted of Murdering her Children by JustinCase976, The Botched Investigation of Samuel Little. State exhibit photos presented in court show the gazebo with a bookshelf stereo on the bar and a handle of an unknown clear alcohol half-empty with the top left open, fine china place settings on display on the dining room table, and gold jewelry left on countertops. How many murders has anyone seen or heard of involving JUST children ? In December, the homes price was dropped to $390,000. Opendoor put the home up for sale in August 2022 for $410,000 and made subsequent price reductions in September and November to $396,000. His only living child was put under his parents care and he was granted only visitation rights. For starters, the murder weapon was a knife that had come from Routiers own kitchen, which raised suspicion that there had really been an intruder. An attorney representing Darlie Routier, a former Altoona woman facing the death penalty in Texas for the murder of her two young children 25 years ago, said he is buoyed by an order issued last week in Dallas County ordering additional DNA testing of the massive amount of evidence collected in the case. Despite physical injuries, including a gash on her arm, a black eye, bruises and abrasions, Julie became the prime suspect. Since her conviction, Darlie Routier's attorneys have filed several pleas and appeals to the Texas courts. The case of Darlie Routier has been heavily debated since her capital murder conviction and death sentence were handed down by a Kerrville jury on February 4, 1997. The video showing her with the silly string at the grave was edited. When that didn't pan out, I think it was depressing for her. It was like a large mens athletic sock. Plus all the Refuted Evidence, it is a scandal and shame. Not able to consider her as the killer. Thanks to Mary Moody for her website, Darlie Routier Fact & Fiction: us on Facebook:* Justice For Devon and Da. The police arrived at a gruesome crime scene. On January 19, 2014, both the prosecution and defence teams were permitted to perform further DNA tests on a smudged fingerprint found in the house, a bloody sock found outside, and her nightshirt. Update 12/18: The home has dropped again in price to $390,000. At 2:30am in June of 1996, Darlie Routier placed a frantic call to 911. Forensics dont lie. Theres no evidence of any intruder and no evidence to place Darin as a direct part of the murders. They both sure seemed to go from one extreme to the other. Crime Scene Photos. They married in August 1988. She is held at Mountain View Unit in Texas from the last 20 years. The fingerprints didnt match Darlie or anyone in the Routier family. Furthermore, the defense said, the wound on her neck was only two inches away from her carotid artery, which was not consistent with a self-inflicted injury. The pattern of blood drops in the kitchen seemed to come from someone who had been standing still, not running after an attacker, as Routier had claimed she had done. Required fields are marked *. You should be able to watch that program on Friday on your discovery channel. This is like a witch hunt. As the publics taste for true crime stories continues, Darlie Routiers case has garnered interest anew from people who have watched Episode 2 of the Peacock series On Death Row, featuring a jailhouse interview with Routier, much like interest resurged in Candy Montgomery when Hulu released the miniseries Candy earlier this year. Too many loose ends for a decent prosecutor to ever think about trying this woman. If you still believe shes innocent, watch the Forensic Files episode covering this murder. Danelle Fugate is the name of her sister. 25% off first order of $15+ app only with code AFF25 at Grubhub. When they approached an appeals court with these allegations, they were rejected. Darlie took the stand in her own defense and made a terrible witness. She was treated for her injuries at Baylor University Medical Center in downtown Dallas. Square Feet: 2,740 sqft. She was wearing shorts. That is really hurting. He explained his reasons. Darlie Routier. I hope and pray her case will be re-examined and the TRUTH COME OUT!! Darlie Routier, who was born in Altoona, was arrested for the murder of her two young sons, Damon, 5, and Devon, 6, which occurred on June 6, 1996. Somebody came in, they broke in and just stabbed me and my children! she screamed during the 911 call. And to make matters worse, she was tried, convicted and sentenced to death based on the testimony of Tom Bevel, a hired bloodstain pattern expert. She studied at Monterey High School in Lubbock, graduating in 1988. We don't know because the pictures aren't dated. Initially, Darin was quite successful with his small company that tested electronic components. these children were loved anf so well cared of. Darlie Routier Case: Jury Trial Transcripts. 210 Likes, 191 Comments. The Case Of Darlie Routier. Nevertheless, the defense would later claim that Darlie Routier simply would have had no time to stage a crime scene and that unidentified bloody fingerprints on the coffee table and in the garage likely came from the alleged intruder. A Tragedy of Errors. Four years later, her attorneys asked that DNA testing which they feel will exonerate her be used, though that has yet to be done. This transcript was created from the official tape logs maintained by the Communications Section of the Rowlett Police Department Transcribed by Barry Dickey and Dennis Lowe for Graffiti Productions, Inc. Drake's father, Darin Routier, didn't take custody of him right away after the murders, because he wanted to get his finances in order, Liz Stevens reported. . She has also been charged with capital murder in the death of her six-year-old son, Devon, who was murdered at the same time as Damon. I had doubts about her conviction from the start. Below the explanation, theres another note, Seller has nver occupied this proeprty. It was June 6, 1996, and the call was made at 2:31 a.m., with the police arriving merely three minutes later. The real killer went free and probably did other crimes unhindered due to this injustice. She had actually held a somber ceremony honoring the two boys before the more jovial birthday party. A parade of Darlie Routier's acquaintances revealed the Routiers' dark side. She has never been charged in the murder of her 6 year old son Devon, who was also stabbed to death the same night. On Oct. 13, 1987, in Lawrenceville, IL, Julie Rea was awaked at 4 a.m. to the sound of her sons scream. THE DARLIE ROUTIER 911 TRANSCRIPT ANALYSIS OF THE 911 CALL Audio of 911 call (Note: it is on the For Darlie Routier site run by her mother, who claims the transcript by the police was altered.) Precious Angels; True crime author Barbara Davis wrote Precious Angels about the Darlie Routier case. She described the attacker as a white male about six feet tall. Just reduced. A SUPPORT community for an innocent woman on TX Death Row, Darlie Lynn Routier. This is Darlie Routier a week after her two sons were brutally murdered. Working at the same eatery where Darin, at just 17, proved to be an ambitious assistant manager, she knew that he'd be a good match for her 15-year-old daughter . My ex husband was a detective who worked that case. Court records show that the Routiers owed more than the home was worth at the time. To this day, Darlie Routier maintains that she is innocent. *Check back for updates on Darlies appeal and additional DNA testing results. In the U.S you always have to be alert, expect the worst to happen? Last updated on 2023/03/03 Today's breaking news and more in your inbox. The oldest son, 6-year-old Devon, was already dead. Subscribe to Forensic Tales podcast so you dont miss an episode! Did you really get into the case? The garage screen was cut from the inside and the kitchen knife had screen shavings on it. Race and Gender of Victim Her husband, Darin, according to court documents, was asleep with the couples newborn in an upstairs bedroom. Eight days after the incident, Routier was shown in newscasts across the country at her sons graves posthumously celebrating Devons birthday, who would have been seven that year. If you remember her at all, you're probably seeing the same mental image that most of us have: a young, attractive blonde woman chewing gum and spraying Silly String onto the new graves of her little boys. The state argued that Darlie killed her sons for the money. ), Perhaps even more suspicious was the fact that Routier made a point of telling the dispatcher on the call that she had touched the knife, saying, I wonder if we could have gotten the prints maybe., As Officer David Waddell said at trial, I thought if she was worried about fingerprints on a knife, she could certainly take care of her kids., communicati Beautiful home on northeast corner lot with high vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light. Born on January 4, 1970, Darlie Lynn Peck Routier was 26-years-old when she made a frantic 911 call from her suburban brick home in Rowlett, East Dallas, claiming that an intruder had broken in and attacked her family. The attorney kept the retainer for himself, and spared the family the expense of flying the experts to Dallas. Furthermore, forensic analysis of the blood spatters around the house revealed patterns that were inconsistent with Routiers version of events. This article presents a comprehensive case for her innocence. They both sure seemed to go from one extreme to the other. In 2008, she received the rights to new DNA tests. "22-years after she was convicted of murdering her own child and sentenced to death a team of lawyers is finally getting a peek inside the. The jury found Darlie guilty of capital murder and was sentenced to death on February 4, 1997. Price to sell! Routier, Darlie Lynn: TDCJ Number: 999220: Date of Birth: 01/04/1970: Date Received: 02/05/1997: Age (when Received) 27: Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 12: . Does anyone know how long it was before getting pregnant with Drake that Darlie got the breast implants? After putting Darlie in jail with bail set at $1 million, the state of Texas placed baby Drake in a . They know that investigators have it all wrong. Darin and Darlie Routier had met at a restaurant in Lubbock, Texas, on the afternoon of Mother's Day in May 1985, after the latter's mother had set up a meeting between them. Routiers attorneys have continued to appeal her capital murder sentence, so no execution date has been scheduled. In this almost 6 minute long call (in which the police get there in 3 minutes and about 45 seconds in) Mrs. Routier seems to be in complete shock, as she begs . Despite her claim of innocence, she was tried for the death of the 5-year-old, sentenced to death and is currently on death row. Her other child, an infant named Drake, was upstairs asleep with her husband Darin and both . I pray for everybody who suffering a wrongfully sentence, it is a nightmare. The prosecution argued that the Routiers were overextended and owed $10,000 in back federal taxes, $12,000 in credit card debt, and payments for two mortgages on Eagle Drive, all totaling approximately $200,000. They also suggested that there were several errors in how the investigation itself had been conducted. She wasn't ready for another baby so soon, but consoled herself by thinking this was the girl she wanted. After she was convicted in March of 2002, True crime author Diane Fanning published Through the Window: The Terrifying True Story of Cross-Country Killer Tommy Lynn Sells. He said to his dying day Darlie did not get a fair trial. Darin, who worked as a cook at Western Sizzlin, helped her mother find employment there. Whether thats true or false may never be known for sure. February 5, 1997. The only piece of evidence that was found outside of the Routier house was a bloody sock about 75 yards away from the house. They married four years later and in 1989, their oldest son Devon was born. Attorneys for Routier, including Smith and J. Stephen Cooper of Dallas, Richard Burr of Houston and Jane Pucher and Vanessa Potkin of the Innocence Project, all agreed to the procedure as outlined by the judge. Aimee Lamoureux is a writer based in New York City. Darlie Routier is an innocent mother who survived a brutal attack that left her two young children, Damon and Devon Routier, dead. Witnesses testified about the Routiers' marital discord, punctuated by ugly public . But who knows how anyone in her situation would act. I heard there was a bloody fingerprint found on a table in the living room where the murders took place that either wasnt properly tested or did not match anyone living in the house. Coincidentally both of her sons, 6 year old Devon and 5 year old Damon died during the attack but the conviction only tried the murder of Damon. Then I read an opposing view and am convinced she's guilty." She was laughing. Amid a media frenzy, Darlie Routier's trial begins. In 2009, the National Academy of Sciences released a critique of forensic science practices in U.S. courtrooms, noting that since the introduction of DNA testing in 1989 that faulty science was found to be responsible for the wrongful convictions in a number of post-conviction DNA exonerations. I wish our two countries would get together on programming. I have followed this case since inception. Her fans say necklace was embedded, had to be surgically removed but it simply fell off when bandage removed. She has also been charged with capital murder in the death of her six-year-old son, Devon, who was murdered at the same time as Damon. Two unknown fingerprints were found in the house. Of course she didnt receive a fair trial. The other night TJ hollers, "Come quick and watch Tony Blair at his senate or whatever they call it over there!" Texas law requires that sellers disclose when they are aware that an unnatural death has taken place on the property. When his back-up arrived, he went through the house but did not find any intruder. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. However, the testimony of the prosecutions bloodstain expert, Tom Bevel, went unchallenged. After police investigation, allegations point to Darlie Routier and Darin Routier for slaughtering their two sons for insurance money.Was keeping up with the joneses becoming . Proving just how damning that video was for Darlies defense. Making the call is Darlie Routier, the mother of three boys, Devon, Damon, and Drake, and the wife of Darin. The shortest time on Texas death row was 252 days and the longest time was 31 years. I hope the great Innocent Projekt will succeed soon. Smith pointed out that many of the items being sent for analysis have never undergone DNA testing. Tom Bevel informed the court that the cast-off blood on the back of her nightshirt suggested that she had drawn her hand back every time before stabbing the children repeatedly. However, holes soon began to appear in Routiers intruder story. It was last on the market in 2006, when it was listed for $180,000 and closed for $183,000, according to NTREIS records. Darlie Routier Net Worth: At the time on her conviction she had some credit card debt and they were behind in their mortgage. convicted of the brutal murders of her. When it was last listed on MLS for sale in 2006, the previous sellers agent highlighted this fact by stating in the private MLS remarks on NTREIS, Contact listing agent for disclosures prior to offers.. At one point, Routier contemplated suicide and wrote a note to her children in her diary. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. It may not display this or other websites correctly. These sources are used for gathering general information related to the story and are then independently verified by our team. Nobody kills the children and leaves the adult. And the utility room where the murder weapon was supposedly dropped just didnt have blood spatter consistent with it being dropped there. Waddell entered the house to find Routier still talking to the dispatchers; one boy had already died and the other was close to death. Our members are devoted to freeing the innocent. YouTube: Darlie Routier - the 911 Call, uploaded by Free Darlie Routier. Price: $355,000 (sold after the murder for an unknown price) Darlie Routier Address: 801 Eagle Dr, Rowlett, TX 75088. Body language experts, look at her body language. Details unknown. [Emphasis added.] But how do you know what youre going to do when you lose two children? Obviously the system is not working, So sad. I will be looking forward to it. I agree Darlie is innocent. That's like him saying, your body may be your decision but I have say so over it all in the end. Darlie Routier and the bruises on her arms. She suffered the trauma of having been awakened by an intruder who slit her throat. impairment of a signals intelligence collection platform,